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Crescent Mortgage Company

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Over the past 28 years, Crescent Mortgage has always operated based on a simple and enduring philosophy - we want to be the best SERVICE provider in the mortgage industry. Our goal is to meet or exceed our customers' expectations at every point of contact. Crescent has never had any desire to be the largest lender in the country. As a community bank, we know you understand that Bigger is not always Better. In fact, we find as a mid-size mortgage lender, we are a perfect fit for community banks. Big enough to provide an expansive suite of loan products and latest technology advancements; small enough to listen, and custom fit our services based on your bank's individual needs.

Today Crescent Mortgage Company lends in 43 states and partners with over 700 institutions across the country. Because Crescent Mortgage Company has always been prudent in its lending, we do not have the issues faced by many wholesale lenders. Crescent Mortgage Company never made Sub Prime loans, Negative Amortization Loans, or Pay Option ARM's. Therefore, we do not have to focus our time and efforts remedying our past portfolio. Rather, we can focus on the future of mortgage banking and expanding our partnerships with quality partners.

You will find in dealing with Crescent, that many of our employees and leadership have been here from the beginning. Most managers at Crescent have been here over a decade including the President, SVP National Sales Manager, SVP Quality Control, VP National Closing Manager, VP of Credit Policy, VP of Secondary Marketing. All the members of the Crescent Mortgage family are excited to offer our services to you and the people of your community.


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Crescent Mortgage Company
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Mr. John Swift
John Swift
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Crescent Mortgage Company
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